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Plant nutrition and additives

All nutrition products in the Wilma’s Lawn & Garden assortment are based on extensive research and testing. We distribute nutrients that are scientifically proven to deliver excellent plant growth, health and yield. They produce great results when growing in water, earth or coir growing media. Our assortment is complemented with a range of highly effective growth enhancers and nutrient additives. These products are developed to boost plant health and growth. All Wilma’s Lawn & Garden distributed additives are proven to give an overall higher quality crop.

Growing media

Growing media are one of the most widely used materials for growing plants and crops. With many different formulations available to growers, it can be a challenge to choose the best blend to use. With the grower and retailer in mind, the Wilma’s Lawn & Garden growing media assortment delivers great results whether growing on a small or large scale. Complemented with excellent in-store solution to help your customer pick the right growing media.

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Propagation and drip irrigation systems

Wilma’s Lawn & Garden distributes propagation trays and drip irrigations trays for your plant and crops. As a wholesale distributor Wilma’s Lawn & Garden has a broad range of growing containers, growing media, seeding & production equipment and incidental supplies for growers. Our Wilma dripper system is the most versatile grow system available, with an option to suit every grow space. How the Wilma dripper hydroponic system works?

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Lifestyle products

Live Atami with these Lifestyle products! Wilma’s Lawn & Garden offers a variety of lifestyle products. There is a cross body bag, business bag and a wallet. We offer also a couple of t-shirts. Lifestyle products are, like all Atami products, of high quality with genuine leather. The products are available in multiple colors for men and women.

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