Wilma’s Lawn & Garden


At Wilma’s Lawn & Garden, sustainability and quality go hand in hand. Our sustainability targets are partly connected to logistics, and our quality targets to our products. The fewer kilometres our products travel, the better. This means that we prefer to source our ingredients regionally, rather than nationally or internationally. But the fact is that coconuts do not grow in the Netherlands, so they do have to travel far.

When it comes to CO2 emissions, transport by ship is preferable to airfreight. Wilma’s Lawn & Garden prefers to manufacture their products in one batch in the Netherlands. However, this means that they need to be transported via temperature controlled transport. It takes a lot of energy to do this, so if Wilma’s Lawn & Garden transports their products throughout Europe to their depots, they go per full truck only. This way the carbon footprint may be smaller.

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